Deja el duro marfil de mi cabeza,
apiádate de mí, ¡rompe mi duelo!
¡que soy amor, que soy naturaleza!

--Federico Garcia Lorca

Welcome to the community for the story of our Dominique/Vlad ship, which was begun in approximately August 2005, shortly after Dominique became Prime Minister of France, and Vlad was the President of Russia. Dominique and Vlad is the story of two men, in positions of power, who find themselves the victims of feelings whose suddenness, intensity, and unfamiliarity make it too difficult to cope. This is the story of how they attempt to deal with it in their own ways, and the failures and tragedy which follow.

Dominique could say very naturally he is the sun, the moon, and the stars lighting up the bleak lives of others. Impulsive, romantic, lyrical, passionate, he will write poetry for hours into the night when inspiration takes him. Good-looking, athletic, with wavy long hair that lovers want to run their fingers through, Dominique can wonder if he is made up of nothing but adjectives and labels. No one really knows him, what he thinks behind the collage of personas he wears as a mask, what he is hiding about his past.

For a long time Dominique has felt a secret fascination for Vlad, and he decides to make him his prey when they both attend the G8 political summit in Gleneagles. He seduces the repressed Vlad easily, but then to his surprise and horror, finds himself willing to let Vlad do whatever he wants to him. Dominique spends many sleepless, tormented nights trying to figure out what is wrong with him after the summit is over. The intensity of his need for Vlad disturbs him as much as the speed with which it arrives, and the sensation of loss he feels.

Determined to either exorcise the effect Vlad has on him or make Vlad reciprocate it, he turns up at Vlad's secluded dacha during the summer vacation. But as the days go by, Dominique struggles to fight the realization that he now loves Vlad, as well as his growing fear that Vlad is only attracted to him sexually and is ashamed of their relationship. The irony is painful. After years of self-obsession and enjoying toying with others' infatuation for him, Dominique feels himself being enslaved by his craving for Vlad. Never one to appreciate rules or being dominated, he tries to escape Vlad's control through little rebellions, but Vlad cracks down hard, reminding Dominique of just whom he is dealing with.

Dominique soon comes to fear losing his life or his soul if he stays any longer. His worry that he is out of his depth is realized when Vlad goes too far and imprisons him in the banya, nearly killing him. He escapes Russia but the distance between them is not enough. Memories of trauma long repressed slowly begin to reappear and unweave Dominique's mind. He desperately tries to get Vlad to understand what he did to him and promise to stop, but Vlad responds with insults and denial, making Dominique feel he is nothing to him, and this is how it has always been.

The love Dominique has for Vlad makes him freely offer up his body, his soul, and soon now his sanity. Like all artists, Dominique has often been torn between the conflicting impulse of throwing a party or committing suicide, and has often been called mad, but now the pain of loving someone who seems to hate him causes things he has repressed for so long to emerge, wreaking havoc with his stability. By the time Vlad comes to apologize, it seems too late. Dominique is already broken. Vlad vows to devote himself to loving and protecting Dominique and helping him to recover. Soon Dominique becomes very dependent on him, but Vlad decides he is just making things worse and leaves him, telling Dominique he sees no hope in him.

Consumed with self-loathing, and suffering from blackouts when he remembers something from the past, Dominique enters a deep depression. He is unable to write, to paint, to feel. His self-worth is so low that he lets himself sleep with Silvio Berlusconi for money in Zurich. Dominique has always disliked Silvio and spurned his past advances but now no longer feels he is better than him, better than this. In Zurich, however, he now has the opportunity to confront his demons and piece together his shattered self to find out if he has a future, and if this future still includes Vlad.

Vladimir is used to wearing a mask for survival and has never doubted who he was and what he wanted from life until he meets Dominique. Dominique prides himself on his effortless seduction, and Vlad is horrified to find himself succumbing. He fears betraying his duty, his country, his family, but it is the fear of losing Dominique that now rules him. When the masks shatter, there seems no room for hope anymore. Dominique is broken and needs rebuilding, but Vlad fears he has only ever learned how to destroy.

Vlad will never know what made him suddenly give into that tiny little voice inside him which wanted Dominique to come to his hotel room at Gleneagles, but once he cedes to the temptation, Dominique shows him pleasures he never knew existed. Beyond the madness of that hotel room and that trip, the shame of what he has done, the horror of his attraction to Dominique, and the confusion he feels about himself overwhelms him. All this is made worse when Dominique turns up at his dacha out of the blue, and he has to make frantic arrangements to send his wife and children away in case they find out.

For the next few weeks, he lives two lives. Days at work when he frets that people sense something is different with him, something wrong. And evenings, nights spent in his bedroom with Dominique, where all such thoughts vanish as he watches Dominique write and paint, strokes his skin, holds him close. At times like this, it seems feels Dominique is suddenly everything he has been missing in his life, and something not to be questioned, except why he was missing in Vlad's life for so long before.

Dominique is so beautiful, so different from him that he is a breath of fresh, foreign air, but soon Vlad starts to question whether Dominique is really interested in him. He begins to resent the power Dominique has over him, the way Dominique has imposed himself into his life as if he owns it, as if he doesn't care if everyone finds out about what they have done together. He loses his temper, and when Dominique rebels against him, he tries to teach him a lesson which nearly kills Dominique.

The guilt of what happened is too much for Vlad to bear, and so he doesn't. He refuses to apologize and promise Dominique it will never happen again, blaming Dominique instead and sayings things to hurt him. It isn't until he finds Dominique attempting suicide that he realizes how this has shattered his ex-lover. He is determined to make amends and help Dominique, but he soon finds his old habits coming back. Dominique is alarmingly dependent upon him, but Vlad thinks Dominique sees a better person in him from what he actually is. Sometimes he wants to live up to this vision. Most of the time he finds himself resenting Dominique for it. He accuses Dominique of doing what Dominique has never ever done: refused to forgive him, given up on him, thought badly of him. It is almost as if he wishes Dominique would actually do all those.

Dominique's breakdowns and blackouts terrify him and are too much to cope with. On Valentine's Day, he has his own breakdown and decides that he is fighting a losing battle against himself and gives in, making Dominique go away.

For weeks he agonizes over his decision, but it is only when he finds out about Silvio that he sees the result of his actions. Vlad tries to make Dominique stop what he is doing, but Dominique persists in a cycle of sleeping with Silvio and then coming weeping in the morning to Vlad. Now he worries he is losing Dominique to Silvio for good. At Zurich, he now faces the challenge of trying to make up for what he has done. He doesn't know if he can ever help Dominique if he can't even fix himself.

Silvio is not used finding things his money can't buy for him. Being a billionaire helps with that. When he first meets Dominique, Chirac's young secretary general at a summit, he thinks this will be no exception. Dominique is fiery tempered and wastes no time in showing his contempt for Silvio, who feels a desire to tame him and take his revenge. After Jacques persuades Dominique that Silvio's money is good for France, Dominique agrees to give Silvio a small favour, but nothing more. Instead of taming Dominique's pride, Silvio is left with even more of a craving for him. After six more years of rebuffs, Silvio finally gets his chance when a severely depressed Dominique agrees to spend five nights with him in Zurich. Yet what started as an attempt to humiliate Dominique and satisfy himself backfires, as Silvio finds himself falling for his prize. He has never felt such a need and affection for anyone else before in his life, and it will torment him, for the feelings are not reciprocated. He can buy Dominique's company but not his love.

Kat is a world renown psychiatrist who has been given the task of her life in recent months. Being summoned to be the private help for Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, was shocking enough, but now she has to contend with Vlad's myriad entangled problems, many of which centre around his elusive lover, Dominique. She finds a tale of infidelity and suicide attempts, past and possibly future. But finally meeting Dominique makes fixing Vlad seem simple. Dominique's pride makes talking to a psychiatrist insupportable for him, and he lets her know this, through verbal sparring and mind-games. But his depression and stress beneath the surface cannot hold up this front for long, and Kat sees enough to realize he has repressed a great deal of trauma, which is now flaring up with terrible consequences. Getting him to talk about it, however, will be her greatest challenge, second only perhaps to a newly arisen problem: like many before her, Kat is finding herself fighting an attraction to Dominique, which threatens her duty to Vlad and her work ethics.

This page is split into two sections: Stories, and the D/V Canon Plot. The plot for our two characters was originally developed through livejournal comments and later msn dialogues. If you're new here, we recommend you start with the 'Stories', which are fics written by the D/V writers. You don't have to join or friend the journals to read them. Many of them are marked as 'canon' and are "mini-novelisations" of the Canon. We are hoping to eventually have the entire Canon in fic form, and this was started with the story "Gleneagles". The D/V canon is also summarised in the profiles above this.

Gleneagles CANON: the story of how Vlad and Dominique became lovers at the G8 summit. Rating: R

Tierra de Gracia CANON Dominique reflects following his suicide attempt after Vlad leaves him.

The Nightmare Drabbles Challenge: Dreams set in the time of "Noel a Matignon". First Response, Second Response and Third Response. Rating: R

Locked and Bolted Doors CANON Dominique slips into an abyss of self-loathing as he sells his body to Silvio. ("Silvio 1"). Rating: R

Largo CANON Dominique's second night with Silvio. Rating: R

Winter's Delights CANON Silvio finds himself succumbing to Dominique's charms. Rating: R

The Name NON-CANON AU set back in the 1980s, with Vlad as a KGB agent and Dominique a captured spy. WIP.

Six Months in Helle NON-CANON AU but with canon background. Vlad gives up everything for an isolated cottage in Norway with Dominique. Rated R.

L'Esprit de Sacrifice NON-CANON Dominique/Sarkozy. The games they have played, play, and always will. Rated R, dark, small amount of bloodplay.

Here is the collection of the D/V Canon, split up into its different stages. It's very difficult to read, however, due to the earlier parts being made up of disorganized comments spread over several livejournal threads and posts. The organized "msn" dialogue format begins only during "Noel". It's far easier to follow the plot of D/V by reading the profiles and the 'Stories'/Fics, so the Canon has been filtered. But if you want to start reading it, just click to join the community. We are hoping eventually to turn all the Canon into fics.

Here is where our story starts. Vladimir and Dominique both attend the G8 summit in the Highlands of Scotland. Perhaps it is the magic of the remote, romantic location. Perhaps it is the demonically charming Dominique who tempts Vlad with foreign pleasure. Or maybe it is the dam breaking after years of repression and restraint which pushes Vlad to do what he never would have considered.

Gleneagles FIC

Domi weeps over losing the Olympics

Domi is a bit tied up

The apple is off the tree now. Away from Scotland, Vlad worries about what he has done. Being with Dominique was a sin. A betrayal of his wife. An indiscretion for his country. And weakness. When Dominique turns up at his dacha, Vlad feels panic but soon rediscovers the unfamiliar pleasures. Living with Dominique could be paradise, but problems slowly arise. Dominique realizes he cannot trust Vlad. And Vlad begins to suspect Dominique's motives in being here. Is he trying to manipulate him? Dominique resents being hidden away and being at Vlad's mercy. Tension arises, and tempers explode.

Domi decides to pay a surprise visit to Vlad in Russia during the summer holidays

More flirtation and vodka

Random drunken posting

Into the Woods

Domi realizes he's in over his head here

Vlad shows his controlling nature and locks Domi in the banya

Domi tries to get over Vlad

Domi and Vlad meet at the UN

Domi makes a revelation that's too much for Vlad to handle

After having broken up with Dominique, Vlad starts to make some unwelcome comments

Domi begins to show serious problems coping with the breakup and Vlad's words

Domi's mental state goes from bad to worse

Last of the Statesman: Dominique can cope no longer

Vlad is on state visit to Amsterdam when he has an epiphany

Vlad hurries to Paris and finds Domi unconscious

Vlad tries to save Dominique

Jacques intercepts a letter from Vlad

Tierra de Gracia FIC

Vlad starts to sink into depression

The memory of Dominique lying on the bathroom floor is crucifying Vlad. He has saved Dominique this time, but how can he go on? Dominique has tried to kill himself because of Vlad. He doesn't know what to do now. He has had no contact with Dominique since then: will Dominique try again and succeed? Will he stop if Vlad comes back to him? Will it only make things worse? Will Dominique even talk to him? Vlad has never felt so powerless. Pretending everything is normal takes all his strength away, and he dreads the international summit he has been invited to: Dominique will be there.

Vlad reluctantly decides to help fight teh evil birds in Malaga, Spain

Vlad and Dominique meet at the Anti-Bird Flu Conference

Dominique's reaction to Vlad's disappearance

Vlad returns from the East with a special gift

Vlad begins to get stressed

Domi is suspicious of Vlad's motives

Noel Weekend Prologue post
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Part VII

'Iranian Dialogues' Weekend
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Part VII
Part IX
Part IXb
Part X
Part XI
Part XII

You and I, we are quits, and there is no point in listing mutual pains, sorrows, and hurts. -- Mayakovsky

-Vlad sends a letter to Dr Norte

-Vlad visits Dr Norte in Zurich for the first time. Date: Sunday 12th February

-Meeting continued Date: Monday 13th February

-Valentine's Day:
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Part VII
Part IX
Part X
Part XI
Part XII
Part XIV

-Lake Baikal

-Vlad's journal since Valentine's Day

Vlad returns to Dr Norte in Zurich to deal with his feelings in the aftermath of sending Dominique away. Here, he comes face to face with his failure: Dominique too has come to Zurich but not to see Dr Norte. Believing he is worthless, broken, and convinced his sanity is gone and he has nothing to lose, Dominique has agreed to sell his body to Silvio, and it seems there is nothing Vlad can do to stop him.

- Letter from Domi to Vlad Date: April 10th

- Vlad-Kat, tells her about Valentine's Day Date: Friday April 28 evening

- Vlad-Kat Date: Saturday April 29th morn

-Vlad-Kat dinner Date: Saturday April 29th eve

-Vlad and Kat talk re Lyuda and Valentine's day, Date: Sunday April 30th morn

-Domi-Kat phone call about Vlad, Domi announces his trip to Zurich

- Domi calls Kat from his room, meets her in the garden Date: Thursday May 4th aft

-Kat's casenotes on meeting with Dominique

- Dominique's first night with Silvio (Silvio 1) Date: Thursday May 4th evening

-Vlad tells Kat he's seen Domi with SilvioDate: Friday May 5th morn

-Afternoon session. Kat and Vlad talking about Vlad having sent Domi a note Date: Friday May 5th 14:30

-Dominique returns to Silvio's bed (Silvio 2) Date: Friday May 5th evening

-The morning after. Dominique flees to Vladimir's room. Date: Saturday May 6th morn

-Kat finds Vlad in bed after Domi has left Date: Saturday May 6th afternoon

To Vlad's horror and disbelief, Dominique persists in coming to Zurich for a second weekend with Silvio. He knows Silvio hurt Dominique in their two nights together last weekend, and that Dominique is full of self-loathing for letting him. Why is Dominique willing to spend a third night with the man?

Dominique receives an unpleasant phone call Date: Tuesday May 16th

Vlad and Kat talk about Domi's note and Silvio Date: Friday May 19th morn

Domi and Kat meet in the gardens before Dominique visits Silvio Date: Friday May 19th aft

Dominique's third night with Silvio (Silvio 3) Date: Friday May 19th evening

Dominique wakes up horrified Date: Saturday May 20th morn

Silvio mopes around Date: Saturday May 20th day

Domi flees to Vlad's and tries to take drastic action to deal with his shame Date Saturday May 20th morn

Vlad gives Domi a rose, and they take a shower together Date: Saturday May 20th morn

Vlad and Domi walk in gardens and have lunch Date: Saturday May 20th morn

An unproductive joint session with Kat Date: Saturday May 20th aft

Kat receives an unexpected visitor at 2 am Date: Sunday May 21st morn

The end of a less-than-perfect day: Silvio attempts to play with Vlad Date: Sunday May 21st morn

Domi comes to see Silvio at 3 am Date: Sunday 21st morn

Domi returns to see Kat Date: Sunday 21st morn

Kat-Vlad session in morning while Domi sleeps Date: Sunday 21st morn

Kat returns to talk to Domi by the balcony Date: Sunday 21st morn

Yet another bad joint session Date: Sunday May 21st aft

Vlad and Domi by the lake Date: Sunday May 21st aft

Vlad calls Domi on his mobile Date: Monday May 22nd morn

Kat calls Domi to check up on him Date: Monday May 22nd aft

In Zurich, Domi makes a move on Kat but is rejected. Date: Friday May 26th aft

Silvio 4: Silvio has Domi with strawberries and cream Date: Friday May 26th evening

Dominique keeps falling further and further as Silvio falls for him Date: Friday May 26th evening

After more degradations with Silvio, Domi is caught by Kat with his payment Date: Saturday May 27th morn

Vlad has a breakdown when Domi comes to him with bite marks Date: Saturday May 27th morn

By the lakeside with Vlad, Dominique realizes the truth, and the storm breaks out Date: Saturday May 27th morn

Dominique takes his anger with Vlad out on Silvio Date: Saturday May 27th aft

Vlad unburdens himself to Kat about his fears for Dominique and himself Date: Saturday May 27th aft

Dominique says goodbye to Vlad and gives him an ultimatum Date: Saturday May 27th aft

This is the last of the Dominique/Vlad canon so far. It has been on hiatus since November 2006 following the departure of one of the writers. We plan to start writing again in July 2008, but we will take up the timeline only a week or two after where we left off, i.e. Dominique will still be Prime Minister. web statistics

Yet each man kills the thing he loves... --Oscar Wilde, quoted in Vlad's journal.

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