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Wars of the Roses

siempre la rosa, siempre, norte y sur de nosotros

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But also the rose of the garden where you live.

Always the rose, always, our north and south!

Calm and ingathered like an eyeless statue,

not knowing the buried struggle it provokes.

Pure rose, clean of artifice and rough sketches,

opening for us the slender wings of the smile.

(Pinned butterfly that ponders its flight.)

Rose of balance, with no self-inflicted pains.

Always the rose!

Federico Garcia Lorca, Ode to Salvator Dali

Disclaimer: This is purely a fansite and has nothing to do with the real politicians, nor is any disrespect intended. The stories on here were devised by the fertile imaginations of our writers. We are also sorry for anyone who came here looking for Angevins.

Welcome to "Wars of the Roses", a livejournal community devoted to the Dominique/Vlad fandom, including all the ships listed above.


The Characters:

Dominique could say very naturally he is the sun, the moon, and the stars lighting up the bleak lives of others. Impulsive, romantic, lyrical, passionate, he will write poetry for hours into the night when inspiration takes him. Good-looking, athletic, with wavy long hair that lovers want to run their fingers through, Dominique can wonder if he is made up of nothing but adjectives and labels. No one really knows him, what he thinks behind the collage of personas he wears as a mask, what he is hiding about his past. Read more.

Vladimir is used to wearing a mask for survival and has never doubted who he was and what he wanted from life until he meets Dominique. Dominique prides himself on his effortless seduction, and Vlad is horrified to find himself succumbing. He fears betraying his duty, his country, his family, but it is the fear of losing Dominique that now rules him. When the masks shatter, there seems no room for hope anymore. Dominique is broken and needs rebuilding, but Vlad fears he has only ever learned how to destroy. Read more.

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